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Independent Publishing Solutions

Vickie Mullins, founder and president of Mullins Creative, is an independent published author of the eight-book series, "I Want You To Know Me...", so she understands the ins and outs of getting a book created for public consumption. Just as with speaking, she has experienced the good, the bad and the ugly first hand, so she can—and does—help other aspiring authors avoid the pit falls and potholes along the road to independent publishing.

Mullins Creative built their foundation on multipage documents, specifically the production of books and the printed marketing materials authors need to independently publish and market those books. If you see your book as a business, you understand the importance of not skimping on the production quality. The books we create are not templated, each book is unique and designed to give that title immediate professional credibility. The interiors are designed and layed out to make the reader’s experience a pleasure.

We are experts in consulting authors about independent publishing and placing their books into the world's most comprehensive distribution channel, with no risk attached. Mullins Creative is not a publisher; thus, we do not own the copyright on your books; we do not own the ISBN, and we do not own the covers or interior files. YOU own your book. YOU keep the profits. We use our knowledge to help make you succeed.

Because we have limited our services to those areas where we can provide the most value, we will gladly get you started with basic book marketing strategies and resources, but you will need to contract with other experts for extensive book marketing. Keep in mind, the best marketer of ANY book is the author!

We do offer our expertise in these areas:

• Writing and Editing Services
  • Book titles
  • Book backs
  • Book summaries
  • Copy editing for grammar, punctuation, consistency
  • Content editing for target audience, organization, idea clarity, flow
  • Media kit components, such as news releases, biographies, introduction biographies and interview questions
• Layout and Design Services
  • Custom book covers, professionally designed to grab the attention of your target audience … we don’t use templates
  • Interior pages that create an enjoyable experience for your readers
• Prepress Services
  • File preparation
  • Help with binding alternatives
  • Assistance selecting paper
  • Publishing guidance for traditional and print on demand services
• eBooks
  • We convert it.
  • We publish it.
  • We distribute it
• Marketing Materials

Once your book is published, the work really begins. It's time to market your title. Make sure the professionalism of your marketing materials reflects the quality of work you put in to write and produce your book. Since 1991, Mullins Creative has designed and produced effective, creative printed and electronic marketing materials, including:

  • Logo design: When you are completely satisfied with your new look, we will compile a CD that has you logo in all the file formats you will need to complete any future project. It's the best way to ensure your look is consistent, no matter what the medium.
  • Business cards
  • Letterhead
  • Envelopes
  • Shipping labels
  • Media packaging (CD/DVD labels, pocket folders)
  • Email newsletters and cards
  • Event signage
  • Web design
• Consulting

Mullins Creative can answer all your questions about getting your books independently published. Give us a call!

Just want to let you know the PVB book proof looked good and it's ready for ordering. Thank you for your help getting this ready and with suggesting lightning source. It was fast, easy, and less expensive. WOW!
~ Janet Spirer, President
Sales Momentum
WOW! What a great job! I'm so excited as my first book is really coming to reality-yahoo! And you made that possible! I'm very impressed with your design and attention to detail! You are making me look good... no GREAT! Thank you with all my HEART... I owe you ladies my first born.
~ Deborah Gardner, CMP,President/Speaker
Compete Better Now! LLC