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Email Marketing

Let Mullins Creative and Constant Contact help you stay in touch with your clients.

Mullins Creative is all about helping you stay in touch with your existing clients and increasing new business. But communications with clients must be effective, yet subtle. No one wants to be constantly sold, sold, SOLD. Effective marketing is, after all, entirely about your clients' needs and wants, not yours.

Since our founding in 1991, we have found newsletters to be a perfect medium for:

  • Keeping your name in the forefront of clients' and prospects' minds.
  • Highlighting and recognizing clients.
  • Providing VALUABLE information about your industry.
  • Positioning you as an expert in your field.
  • Building your contact lists.
  • Sharing the benefits of your products and services. (Notice this is the last in the list)

These benefits apply, whether your newsletter is printed or electronic. Mullins Creative has been writing, designing and producing print newsletters since our founding. Today, many clients are discovering that electronic newsletters, or enewsletters, are easier to produce and cost very little to distribute, but still net the same great results.

To answer the needs of our clients and to continue growing our own business, we added email newsletters to our marketing product menu. Mullins Creative has become a business partner with Constant Contact, now serving more than 250,000 small businesses. By combining this established company's proven delivery methods and unparalleled customer service with our years of experience in developing print and electronic newsletters, we can deliver effective, branded enewsletters and ecards to your target markets.


In partnership with Constant Contact, we can offer these services at levels to fit your needs. You choose only the areas you'd prefer not to mess with.

• Quick Start
  • Setting up your account with Constant Contact
  • Uploading your email lists
  • Setting up your email display and signature information
  • Creating your sign-up link
• Template Creation and Branding
  • Selecting the template appropriate for your business and preferences
  • Designing a custom masthead
  • Customizing the selected template using your color scheme, branding, logos, photos and URLs
• Campaign Management
  • Placing and designing your content and images
  • Loading and resizing images
  • Scheduling email distribution
• Content Development
  • Researching, writing and editing your newsletter content
  • Acquiring photographs and other graphics
  • Developing "editorial calendar"
• Consulting

Mullins Creative can answer all your questions about newsletters, both print and electronic. Also, we can help you navigate the world of email marketing. Give us a call!

• Speaking

Vickie Mullins, our president and founder, is a nationally recognized public speaker who welcomes the opportunity to speak to businesses and associations on the benefits of email marketing.

We recently redesigned our Web site, but we didn't have the time or the know-how to make our e-newsletter match our new look, or how to even get the process started with Constant Contact. Vickie and Brandi helped us get the look we were after and get the newsletter off the ground. We're very pleased with the results and so are our supporters.
~ Zee Peters, Chief Development Officer